Verdant Moss GMC

Dilapidated van is overgrown by moss.

Dilapidated van is overgrown by moss.

I recently had a major hard drive failure and am in the midst of rebuilding my OS. So my game image for today was sourced from my library. It is an iPhone image I captured on a walk in Corvallis shortly after we moved to Oregon.

"Welcome to Mossy Town!", I thought to myself (one of Portland's nicknames).

I guess the moss could be considered an Oregonian automotive adornment, kind of like the metal flake in Robert's shot of the classic car pinstriping, only "greener" in the environmental sense of the word. I had better keep moving or the moss is likely to cover me as well.
This cropped version of the image shows some artifacting from the iPhone enlargement. I liked it and even emphasized the effect further through excessive sharpening. These areas look like a circuit board "imprinted" on the paint of the car, and this contrast of time and technology applied onto the derelict van appealed to me. The old and the new.
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