_MG_2688I really liked Robert's image "Six O Eight", it has beautiful lines, light and negative space.

My "Conversation" (link to new book) with his image speaks to the lines and forms present in his capture, although in a more high key manner. I thought that flipping the tonality of the image - from shadow to light - that I might take the conversation in another direction, while still nodding back to his image.

I liked this classic the black and white version the best, the abstract qualities came the closest to what I had envisioned and dreamed about during the night.

Once I had the idea, the shoot went pretty quick. I started with some iPhone snaps to establish proof of concept, then moved onto the big gun for the final captures. I am glad it worked out, as I came up a bit empty on alternate directions.

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3 Responses to ““Untitled””

  1. Beautiful shot Russ!

    · June 1, 2014 @ 11:32 pm


  2. Beautiful and really nice follow up to Robert Nease’s shot at the http://DailyPhotoGame.com

    · June 2, 2014 @ 1:54 am


  3. Helen Leek says:


    · June 2, 2014 @ 10:37 pm


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