Sunset Magazine Article

Sunset Magazine Article

Sometime ago, Sunset Magazine took an interest in Barbara & Russ Widstrand's Montana cabin remodel. They commissioned Russ Widstrand to shoot the project and published the following story.

Montana Attic Remodel

Sunset writer, Peter Whiteley interviewed the Widstrand's about the process and its challenges, of which there were many. Below are before and after shots of the house.

Architectural exterior of rustic vacation home on Flathead Lake Montana.Architectural interior of vacation lake house living room.Architectural interior of vacation lake house bedroom.

For more information about the Widstrand's Montana Rental visit this site.

Read the article below...

"A 14-year-long story of love and sweat equity" is how Russ Widstrand describes the gradual transformation of his 1940s cabin in Montana.

When Russ and his wife, Barbara, bought it, the cabin had one great thing going for it: Flathead Lake lay just a few yards from their front yard. Lots of unglamorous but necessary tasks, like installing a new roof, filled their summer vacations.

Remodeling the attic was the final phase.

"We could only stand up in the middle of the old attic ― it was like being in a tunnel," Barbara says.

By adding a pair of peaked dormers, the couple gained room for a new master bath and a tall sitting area with lake views.

The upstairs also gained a master bedroom, sewing area, and storage space.

"The closest hardware store was more than an hour away, so we made a lot of things ourselves," says Russ, who ripped all the lap siding and helped fabricate the trim.

Mark Sauer, a contractor from nearby Somers, helped them through their remodel, which respects the style of the original structure.

"Now we call it Nap Ranch," Barbara says.

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