Side Trip

Oregon Tree FarmAfter seeing Roberts image, "Field of Dreams" for the Daily Photo Game, I immediately knew what I was going to play in response, my image titled: "Side Trip". This photograph was produced on our first trip to Portland to shop for real estate, when we decided it was time to relocate and leave our Montana house remodel project.
About an two hours east of Portland is an amazing stand of poplar trees, acres of them. Even after driving for 7 hours, upon seeing the tree farm, I was compelled to stop.
As any "significant other" of a photographer knows, this - "I''ll only be a minute" - could actually take hours. My wife Barbara has endured these "side trips" with me for over 25 years. She exhibits a great deal of patience and generosity with her time to allow me to make my art. So this image is dedicated to her, with thanks from a grateful husband. And as she continues to remind me "Don't discount the side trips".
A career in photography has been one continual side trip.
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