Shafer Vineyards Chooses Portland Locations

Eastmoreland Garden Party

Eastmoreland Garden Party ©2013 Russ Widstrand

Russ Widstrand Photographer identified, sourced and secured 3 locations for a Shafer Vineyard's still and video  shoot. Widstrand then photographed the final production over three days, personally negotiating with each location and homeowner.

Scouting for Eastmoreland Location

Scouting for Eastmoreland Location

The locations in Lake Oswego, Eastmoreland and Downtown Portland were selected for their unique and differentiated narratives: a residential cocktail party, an outdoor garden party, and an urban dinner party.

Widstrand assured homeowners of his crew's diligent care and responsibility on their premises, and named the homeowners as additional insured on his liability policy.

Lake Oswego Cocktail Party

Lake Oswego Cocktail Party

The sites were scouted, pre-visualizing all aspects of each location and identifying marquee points of view and plotting the best time of day for each shot.

The final result was fantastic!  Widstrand was able to cover both still and video capture at each 3 different locations, 3 different camera positions, 3 different sets, while directing 5 models - all in under 5 hrs each.

Shafer Vineyards ran the videos on their homepage and reproduced the stills in brochures and on their website. Visit Russ Widstrand's winery related work here and his video reel here.

Dwtn PDX Party

Downtown PDX Party

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