207528-DIt seemed to me that the DailyPhotoGame.com could use a twist in the Conversation.  So rather than submitting another abstraction I thought I would play off the patterns of Robert’s rustic image with this people shot.

While out looking for interesting elements to shoot for the Game, I drove by this group of young photographers and their photo-session with the curious box heads. I hung my camera out the car window and shot a series of images as I slowly drove by.


Drive by shooting

They saw me shooting them – whilst photographing each other – and then they all turned and photographed me photographing them. The observer and the observed. Funny and playful.

I liked the color connection and how the human figures emulated the repeated forms of Robert’s image. My shot also adds additional context for my fellow players to have their way with, selfies? Photographs of photographers being photographed?

It is a fun play on how often we as photographers are rarely in our own pictures. As I am fond of saying regarding our friend’s and family photos, “Russ Widstrand not pictured”.


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