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View Russ Widstrand's Winery Video Reel

Live action video combined with motion graphics.


growURbrandVisit the "Grow Your Wine Brand Site"

A wine marketing site that offers real world case studies aimed at helping to grow your brand.

fox tv thumbWatch the Videos: Widstrand's Still Images on TV’s Fox News

Russ Widstrand's viticulture photography featured on TV's Fox News. Widstrand's client, Doug Shafer, president of Shafer Vineyards, talks about winning Wine Spectator's 2012 Wine of the Year on national TV.


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Downloadable Wine PDF

Russ Widstrand captures an expansive new tasting room, six pro models, three busy vintners, and a setting sun. See more at Shafer Vineyards.

Domain Drouhin Oregon Twitter Actually Worked! True Confessions of a Social Networking Doubter

Photographer Russ Widstrand recounts successful use of social media. Acquires new winery client - Domaine Drouhin Oregon - as a result.

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