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Electronic Portfolio #3: Architectural work for TVA Architects, Myhre Group Architects, Vallaster + Corl Architects, Rommel Architectural Partnership. With Music.

3steel house thumbView PDF of the Book, "3 Steel Houses" by Barton Myers

Principal photography by Russ Widstrand

Virtual Scouting DemoView Pre-Production Scouting Site (Virtual)

This site in Buckley, WA was VIRTUALLY scouted from Portland, OR using Google street view,  sun plotting software and was created to pre-visualize the best TOD (time of day) for each view of the building.

Augmented Reality ScoutingView Pre-Production Scouting Site (Augmented Reality)

New technologies in AR (augmented reality) on mobile devices can actually plot the course of the sun, even when it is not out, - at any time of year - and overlay it with photographs of the actual location. These tools and technologies are ideal for creating superior results and keeping budgets down through concise planning.