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ppa_vertProfessional Photographer Magazine, the magazine of the National PPA Organization, has run a two page article on the 2013 Daily Photo Game called "Game On".

Writer Jeff Kent interviewed Russ Widstrand and 3 other members of the 10 player group for the article. Widstrand's image, "Empty Pocket" is the 3rd in the piece and is also featured in his new book on the Game titled: "Conversations: A Visual Dialogue".

The magazine containing the article is due out on newsstands in June 2014.

Click on the image or here to view a pdf about the Daily Photo Game that includes the article.

Read the copy below:


Ten photographers challenge themselves in a visual conversation - by Jeff Kent

Successful studio owners know that over the course of years, the thrill of client work can evolve into the monotony of stagnation. Last year, 10 professional photographers made a pledge to themselves and each other to contribute to a creative exercise called the Daily Photo Game. Now complete, the project yielded 365 original images—one a day for a year—made as part of a visual “conversation” that meandered from one idea to the next, from one photographer to the next. For the project, each photographer committed to taking a “game day” every 10 days.

On that day, the photographer created and posted an image on the project website, with each new one serving as both a response to the previous image as well as a challenge to the next day’s photographer. The game tested participants’ artistic and logistical mettle, with each photographer having a 24-hour window to conceptualize, source, shoot, enhance, and deliver an image.

“When I was first approached about the Daily Photo Game concept, I was so discouraged about the photography industry and my personal photography in general,” says commercial photographer Russ Widstrand of Portland, Ore. “I didn’t pick up a camera anymore for personal work, just for jobs. Now, having spent a year on the game, I feel a newness in my volition to create ... a kind of freedom of expression and dialogue with fellow artists that fuels me and calls me to do more.”

Participant Martin Trailer concurs. “I feel more willing to explore and try new things,” says the San Diego-based photographer. “The game has loosened me up. I feel less constricted without someone looking over my shoulder. I think more like I did when I first started in the business, looking for unique opportunities, exploration, fun.”

Version 2.0 of the game is already in the works, and participants are weighing in on their ultimate goals for the project. “It would be nice to see this catch on and become a real showcase for the 10 of us,” says founding member Eliot Crowley, who is based in Santa Barbara, Calif. “But if we could change the perception of modern-day photography from something that anyone with a camera can do to something that takes real skill, artistic talent, experience, and heart—now that would be something.”

Participants in the Daily Photo Game, all pro photographers, include Eliot Crowley, Blue Fier, Bob Stevens, Martin Trailer, Charley Akers, Jay Ahrend, Robert Nease, Russ Widstrand, Joseph Pobereskin, and David Blattel.

See all 365 images from the Daily Photo Game at

Please feel free to comment on and share this article. Thanks, Russ.

3 Responses to “National Press Coverage”

  1. Blue Fier says:

    I always admired the photographs Russ created for the Daily Photo Game. I’m glad he wasn’t before me. He’s a hard act to follow.

    · May 29, 2014 @ 1:48 am


  2. Great piece about Russ, Russ’s contributions and the Daily Photo Game.

    It has been a great run and now going into the second year.

    · May 29, 2014 @ 4:41 am


  3. Jim Wilcher says:

    Nice, nice, nice stuff coming out of this project and for you Russ. It reminds me of the annual report work that you won awards for.

    Your photography is taking a creative leap. Ride the wave and stay inspired to keep making great images. Congratulations to all the photographers of the “Game”.

    · May 30, 2014 @ 5:52 pm


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