Empty Pocket

Empty pocket with tattered threads.

Empty pocket with tattered threads.

Roberts' lovely image for the Daily Photo Game of "The Trouble with Mice", is a tough act to follow, such a cute mouse and a great story.

I struggled with conceptualizing my image. It even kept me awake last night, racking my brain for a suitable visual response. Then it dawned on me, that it would be tough to top the beauty of Roberts' image and I needed to find an different voice other than "beauty". I found that voice in evolving the story with my image titled "Empty Pocket".

I think it works on several levels. Was the mouse here? If so, where did it go? The image also works for me on an emotional connection to emptiness or lack. The true grit of my image lays in a more desperate story, harkening to the time of the depression and Steinbeck's era.

I like the idea of our game images being more than just a visual conversation, and that they can relate to each other in a narrative way as well. So while stylistically, my image departs from Roberts', there is still connective tissue that binds them together through story that make the pairing that much more engaging.

I hope that my addition to the story asks a few more questions than it answers, always a good sign in art. I enjoyed shooting it this morning.

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