Published: January 2014

Verdant Moss GMC

I recently had a major hard drive failure and am in the midst of rebuilding my OS. So my game image for today was sourced from my library. It is an iPhone image I captured on a walk in Corvallis shortly after we moved to Oregon. “Welcome to Mossy Town!”, I thought to myself (one of []

Buckley Fire Station Shoot

The architectural design firm MacKenzie recently hired me to shoot one of their projects in Buckley Washington. Located about 2 hrs north of Portland, the Buckley fire station sits in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. The client wanted full coverage of the facility and its occupants. Scouting the location, while always prudent, did not appear []

Seeing the Light

My new image for The Daily Photo Game bends the current car theme in a different direction. Charley’s, Jay’s and Robert’s images’ all feature automobile headlamps, albeit from different points of view. I am taking another POV on headlamps. This image came to me as I lay awake this morning in bed. I grabbed my trusty sketch []

Yamhela Vineyard – Sold

Russ Widstrand’s photography helps to sell prime Oregon vineyard. Precept Wines Acquires Yamhela Vineyard. Russ Widstrand was hired by designer Michael Kavish for his client GI Partners who represented CalPERS, the owner of the property. The multi-day shoot covered several Oregon vineyards, ranging from Salem to Yamhill. Mapping out, and timing the shoot was particularly []

Sunset Magazine Article

Sometime ago, Sunset Magazine took an interest in Barbara & Russ Widstrand’s Montana cabin remodel. They commissioned Russ Widstrand to shoot the project and published the following story. Montana Attic Remodel Sunset writer, Peter Whiteley interviewed the Widstrand’s about the process and its challenges, of which there were many. Below are before and after shots of []

Windblown Woman

My response to Robert’s cool hood ornament image is perhaps a bit more playful than some of my previous submissions to the game. My other options for today’s submission actually fit better stylistically, but the game, for me, is about having some fun with imagery as well. This image seemed to fit that bill, another take on windblown []