Published: November 2013

Shapes and Shadows

My latest image for the game. Today was such a stellar day in Portland, I had to get outside. It was one of those afternoons I knew was going to produce blue shadows, I love these days. I went to visit a fellow photographer’s show in an industrial area of PDX, ripe pickings for a []

Build and Update a Website with Lightroom

This screencast demo shows TTG software that empowers Lightroom to construct and manage a website. Lightroom creates a home page/galleries/images/thumbnails/metadata published to the web almost instantly. About pages, contact pages and menus are handled through WordPress. The build out was pretty complex and not for the faint of heart, but the payoff is pretty amazing. []

Rasta Dog Photo

I thought I would have a bit of fun playing off of Robert’s awesome image of corn dogs for The Daily Photo Game. Onions for eyes, cabbage for rasta hair, and the all important relish goatee. I shot the eyes in all positions, looking down, sideways and up. I kept coming back to this one for []