A single Pear is reflected and split in two as a metaphor for the split in the human psyche. Analog manipulation shot on Polaroid film.

Image gallery below ~ Artist Statement:

This body of work, The Pear Series, is the result of a long period of introspection and self examination culminating in the series you are about to see.

The impetus for this series was a yearning to create beautiful images once again. After spending years in the cerebral machinations of the commercial arena, my response was to engage a vulnerability of spirit and heart I had not touched upon in my photography for sometime.

The Pears, gave me that opportunity. The symbolism of the pear is deeply connected to its form, and its similarities in the female figure. I visualized this shape as symbolic metaphor through which I am able to give voice to emotions and feelings I believe we all share.

Furthermore, this softer feminine element is often in stark contrast to the malleable and sometimes violating elements and concepts included in the series. This is an attempt to communicate the male ethos struggling to dominate; these man-ipulations are just that, the conquering nature of the man contrasted with the beauty of the woman. I was interested in revealing these dualities in myself, creation and power.

The Pears and its simile, pairs, gave me further conceptual fuel for examining relationships. Relationships to society, to one another and to myself. Commonality and self examination are some of the themes threading throughout the series.

I choose color Polaroid film as my primary medium for these works. The degenerative look of the low resolution Polaroid suited my vision for the pears; soft, textural and inviting, though again, in contrast to the sometimes conflicted and emotional direction of the series.

Of course the missing component in this self examination is the viewer and their interpretations, which are likely to be as varied as the uniqueness of each pear itself. More Pear Info

Russ Widstrand, 2013