Lizard Eye

Lizard EyeThe exploration in creating something totally new has always had an allure for me, spontaneously transforming an object or scene from the mundane into the extraordinary. This process is not always rewarded with success, but I keep throwing myself into this state of discovery... "let's see what happens".

Robert's image, "Transformer" reminded me a coil of corrugated material I had lying around - and a photograph I had recently made for the Game - but never submitted. The ribbed quality of the material harkened to the stepped-motion effect in his image. Sure enough, my hunch was rewarded with a strong connection between the two images.

Interestingly, "Lizard Eye" can either come forward at you, like an eye of a lizard would, or it can recede back into space like the tunnel it really is. There is no digital trickery here, just the object and light.

Its almost as though "Lizard Eye" is keeping a watchful eye out on Robert's creation. Like two sic-fi titans set for battle, who knows what might develop in this other-worldly conversation.

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